The Dallas Cowboys have an upcoming schedule of games.

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“The Dallas Cowboys are prepared to embark on an exhilarating journey: Join in the anticipation as we delve into the forthcoming schedule of the Dallas Cowboys!”


The Dallas Cowboys boast an illustrious history in the NFL, and their upcoming schedule promises an abundance of thrills. Facing off against divisional foes, formidable playoff contenders, and some of the league’s top teams, the Cowboys will face formidable challenges. From their season opener against the New York Giants to the regular season finale versus the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys will have ample chances to showcase their mettle. With a talented roster and a capable coaching staff, the Cowboys are primed to pursue postseason success and more. Brace yourself for an enthralling season of Dallas Cowboys football.

Breaking Down the Dallas Cowboys’ 2021 Preseason Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys are preparing for the upcoming 2021 NFL preseason, and their schedule has been finalized. The Cowboys will participate in four games, splitting their appearances evenly between home and away matchups. Here is a breakdown of the Cowboys’ preseason schedule for 2021:

Week 1: On August 12th, the Cowboys will kick off their preseason at home against the Los Angeles Rams. This encounter marks the first preseason meeting between the two teams since 2017.

Week 2: On August 19th, the Cowboys will travel to Houston to face the Texans. This game represents their first preseason clash since 2016.

Week 3: Returning home on August 26th, the Cowboys will square off against the Arizona Cardinals. This matchup serves as their first preseason meeting since 2018.

Week 4: The Cowboys will conclude their preseason on September 2nd with an away game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This contest signifies their first preseason encounter since 2015.

The Cowboys’ 2021 preseason schedule offers a valuable opportunity to assess their roster and prepare for the regular season. With four games against distinct opponents, the Cowboys can experiment with various strategies and combinations of players. Additionally, it allows the team to provide crucial game experience to their younger players.

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Analyzing the Dallas Cowboys’ 2021 Regular Season Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys have unveiled their highly-anticipated 2021 regular season schedule, promising an exhilarating year for the team and fans alike. The Cowboys will commence their season on September 9th with an away game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Notably, this marks the first time since 2015 that the Cowboys open the season on the road. Returning home in Week 2, the Cowboys will face the New York Giants, renewing their regular-season rivalry since 2019. Week 3 sees the Cowboys traveling to Denver to take on the Broncos. Following a bye week in Week 4, the Cowboys will return home to confront the Washington Football Team in Week 5, reigniting their matchup since 2019. The Cowboys will then head to Philadelphia in Week 6 to face the Eagles, marking their first regular-season clash since 2019. Week 7 brings the Cowboys back home to challenge the New York Jets. The Cowboys will then journey to Atlanta in Week 8, meeting the Falcons in the regular season for the first time since 2019. Week 9 sees the Cowboys hosting the Minnesota Vikings, followed by a trip to Las Vegas in Week 10 to face the Raiders, renewing their encounter since 2019. Returning home in Week 11, the Cowboys will square off against the New Orleans Saints. Week 12 presents a visit to Baltimore to battle the Ravens, marking their first meeting since 2019. Week 13 brings the Los Angeles Chargers to Dallas, followed by a trip to Cincinnati in Week 14 to face the Bengals, renewing their clash since 2019. Week 15 sees the San Francisco 49ers visiting the Cowboys at home, while Week 16 takes the Cowboys to Arizona for a showdown against the Cardinals, renewing their matchup since 2019. Week 17 brings the Philadelphia Eagles to Dallas, and the regular season concludes with a road game against the New York Giants in Week 18, renewing their rivalry since 2019. With a challenging schedule, including divisional matchups, the Cowboys face formidable tasks. However, boasting a talented roster and a competent coaching staff, the Cowboys are positioned to mount a playoff push in the 2021 season.

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